Changelog for CraftBlur

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Changelog 24-Jun-2021

Changes and additions +
1. Added stonks command
-Can be used by Yt!stonks
2. Added stinks command
-opposite of stonks but same trigger. Yt!stinks
3. Added die command
-Wasted. Yt!die
4. Added caution command
-Caution text command. Yt!caution
5. Added gun command
-Show gun by typing Yt!gun
6. Added ?stonks?? command
-Confused stonks. Type Yt!?stonks??
7. Added emoji adder
-Add emoji by typing Yt!addem and then the emoji itself

Removals -

Fixations (New category) 🔨

1. Yt!emoji- Command is bugged and does not work now so its it to be fixed state
2. Yt!covid - Command is in to be fixed state as the command does not show the updated time as stated earlier

Changelog 22-June-2021

Changes and additions +

Removals -
1. Covid command is made private temporarily
-Covid command is now in testing as the command doesn't show the "Last Updated" data. As covid is a pandemic, it must be stated that when the data is last updated. After fixing the command, it will be made public again

Changelog 17-June-2021

Changes and additions +
1. Yt!fakequote
-Can be used to fakequote someone

Removals -

Changelog 16-June-2021

Changes and additions +
1. Bot made more error free and optimized

Removals -
1. Removed Yt!level command
-This command is a manual leveling command and was not being used
2. Removed Yt!power command
-Command was useless
3. Removed Cookie command
-Yt!cookie is no longer usable because of variable system change. Also was not being used
4. Removed Economy comands
-Yt!commEco will no longer show economy commands and also all economy commands are removed
so running any economy command will no longer trigger the bot. However users can still run
Yt!commEco command to only see that the commands are removed message

Changelog 15-June-2021

Changes and additions +
1. Remastered Yt!ropasci command
-Now bot will ask for your desicion of Rock paper or scissor
2. Changed Giverole and Takerole Command
-Now mods have to give the role id instead of mentioning the role
3. Bot is added in about 5 botlists and 1 waiting to be verified.
4. Bot now has a official website and a status page.
-Website: Click Here (Can be accessed in help command)
-Statuspage: Statuspage (Can be accessed by typing Yt!status)
5. Added Color role command
-This command will change the color of the role id. Yt!colRole
6. Added a new game called truth or dare
-can be played by typing Yt!tod
7. Bot now shows if a user is banned in the same channel as the server leave channel set in the bot
8. Some more command tweeks and bugfixes

Removals -
1. Economy commands will be removed after today as said earlier and stated in the economy commands