Changelog for CraftBlur

Best Seen On Google Chrome(Desktop)

Changelog 30-July-2021

Changes and additions +
1. Calculation Command
-Can be used by Yt!math {number} (+/*-) {number}
2. Cursed ball command
-Can be used by Yt!cursedball {your question}. idk why its creepy
3. Pablo text and pablo everyone ping text,
-Yt!pablo {text} and Yt!evepablo {text}. If you dont get who is pablo, watch beluga on youtube.
4. Aurora forecast on earth's poles
-Can be used by Yt!southernhem and Yt!northernhem
5. Noctilucent Clouds
-Can be used by Yt!noclouds. use it and see
6. NPM search command
-Can be used to search npm packages. Yt!npm {package name}
7. Quote command
-Yt!quote {message id}. Quotes a message. Just it can't fetch messages from another channel
8. Colorpicker
-Color visualizer. Yt!color {hex code without '#'}
9. Family command
-Learn about us
10. Fakewarn command now shows 'warned' in chat.
11. A replica of the code is being made in aoi.js and the bot will be transferred to aoi after the code is debugged and fully made.

Removals -

Fixations 🔨
To be fixed: Yt!quote
Fixed: Nothing broken

Changelog 03-July-2021

Changes and additions +
1. Added dogfacts
-Can be accessed with Yt!dogfact
2. Added catfacts
-Can be accessed with Yt!catfact
3. Added minecraft sign comand
-Can be used by Yt!sign YOUR_MESSAGE_HERE
4. Added channel lock and unlock feature
-To lock a channel, type Yt!lock in that channel and to unlock type Yt!unlock
5. Added setting to enable or disable welcome and leave messages
-On default it will be enabled when you use Yt!onjoin or Yt!onleave. To disable type Yt!disWelc and to re-enable type Yt!enaWelc
6. Added back translate command but still in testing
-Can be used with Yt!tr YOUR_MESSAGE_HERE. It always translates to english
7. Bot now responds to user if bot dev(Me) marks the user's report about the bot as solved/will be solved.
8. Added back covid command.
-Covid comand now shows when the data last updated.
9. Minor Fixes

Removals -
Apparently none

Fixations 🔨
To be fixed: none
Fixed: Yt!covid, Yt!tr