This is CraftBlur

The bot that features powerful moderation, fun and anime commands. More to come up...

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Features at a glance

CraftBlur is designed to meet your basic requirements from a discord bot

  • 150+ Commands
  • 80% Uptime.
  • Support Server
  • Abuser Proof: Abusers get blacklisted
  • User Friendly.
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Frequently Asked Questions

This Is The FAQ Section That Might Help You With Your Main Problems In Our Bot

  • The bot is currently in beta with "som smol amount of broken comands" also, it's developer is broke and can't afford to pay to keep the nodes online. To see if the bot is online, see Status Page

  • Invite the bot-o-craftblur. See if it's online, then type Yt!help to see the commands.


To contact send DM to Server Developer#9447

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